Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Hanging out with STORM

An awesome dog!  He is 4 years old, American Kennel Club registered, and a proven stud.
He was raised by two elderly people, who lived on a small acreage in Williams Lake with 7 other malamutes in a kennel and rarely had visitors besides his two owners who took him for sporadic walks.  And he had rarely been around children.

We definitely had our reservations about him at first, he was out of shape, had very little obedience training and was very used to doing his own thing.  His character though was amazing, he was very easy going, relaxed yet confident and a pleasure to be around....and Nancy thought he was just the cutest!

Well, here we are, having owned him now for just over two months and we don't regret buying him at all.  He is such an awesome dog!  With regular walks, romps and field days (thanks hugely impart to our wonderful neighbour Dorothy who takes them on romps at the local rivers and trails!) he has regained an athletic build. 
And we have found out from the day our kids were introduced to Storm, the he ADORES children.  Absolutely loves them.  We have a lot of nieces and nephews and each time Storm gets to meet any of them, he puts on a little show of deep howling/talking and you can just tell he lights up. 
Training a 4 year old 140lb male Malamute has its challenges - but I am totally up for it.  He is heeling nicely and has become quite well behaved on the leash.   He has to be as usually I am walking three of them at one time and so strict discipline is needed to walk close to 400lbs of dog around a park or subdivision.
With my malamutes I have very strict rules when it comes to feeding time - they have to sit while their bowls are being filled and only when the command of "OK" is said by myself can they get up and eat from their bowl.  Besides that, they have to let me take whatever food they have from them - never abusing this of course!  Storm is a star pupil in this area.  Our toddler can feed him off of a spoon and he will gently take it.  

Besides all this he has proven again his value as a stud - Kaiah is pregnant!


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