Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exploring at 4 weeks old!

The pups are getting very active now, practicing their howling, growling and barking, wrestling with each other, climbing over things etc!  And getting cuter by the day!

Dakota(M) exploring while Chino(M) soaks up the sun!

Ice Capp(F) is chillin' 

And then Kodi(F) decides that Ice Capp(F) should come play!
Active Kodi(F)!

Macho Chino(M)! 
 Ice Capp(F) checkin' things out!
 Handsome Dakota(M)!
 Blizzard(F) posing perfectly for the camera! 
 Vanilla(F) & Blizzard(F) getting into mischief!
 Vanilla(F) enjoying a lazy afternoon!
Skor(F) loving the clover!


Skor(F)is sooooooooooooo CUTE! Vivi

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