Monday, August 05, 2013

7 weeks old

Wow, what a crazy week! The pups will be 7 weeks old tomorrow and we haven't taken updated photos for a few days.....and we are getting friendly nudges from the people who have deposits on particular pups.  
This past week four families visited and placed their deposits on four different pups, 
 this week there are more visits planned - but there are still 3 that are not spoken for!!

Blizzard (F) - AVAILABLE
Vanilla (F) - AVAILABLE
Skor, Kodi, Ice Capp & Dakota are all spoken for.

The pups are getting very active and this is what most of the photos turn out to look like - sitting pretty for the photos isn't really an option, gotta try catch them doing their own thing!

Ice Capp & Skor looking on from their play yard.

Ice Capp & Blizzard playing tug-a-war

Kaiah looking at her brood

Kodi & Blizzard tuggin' it out!

I thought these photos of Vanilla & Kodi were cute...its almost like one pup is just the reflection of the other!

Its like Chino is asking "is that thing up for grabs?" and Kodi's almost saying "try me!"

Chino and Vanilla tearing across the back yard!

Blizzard attacking Chino


Here are a few photos of Blizzard.  She is a pretty girl, almost an exact twin of Kodi, even their characters are so much alike that it is really hard to tell them apart.


Here are a few photos of Chino.  He is a handsome boy, very social, and there is never a dull moment with Chino around.  Besides being beautiful, he will be a large boy by the looks of him!


Here are a few photos of Vanilla.  She is a pretty girl, a rarer (and our only) red Mal.  She is one of the quietest of all the pups, loves socializing, and loves cuddles.

And these photos then are of the pups that are spoken for! I am sure they would still love to see photos of the sweet little guys!

Brandi for you! - Dakota

Dale for you! - Ice Capp

 Dean & Charlotte for you! - Kodi

 Vivi for you! - Skor  


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