Thursday, November 21, 2019

Fun as the suns going down!

Apparently although we can have lots of fun romping around while the sun has 
a beautiful evening glow, the camera doesn't like the fast running speed of these 
guys.  I took over a 100 photos on my camera and none of them turned out... these 
are from my iphone and they are slightly better.  
I had promised people I would post new ones tonight so here you go.

This is what its like trying to take photos, you have a bunch of pups underfoot while the others are running and romping around.  Not exactly the easiest way to concentrate on photography but its fun!  Here is Miska, Amak & Kaskae going in for belly rubs and licks.

Koko confidently striding along

Koko and Nukka chewing on a stick they found in the garden

Kaskae just observin'


Akira's strut


Sakira just chillin'

Speedy Siku


Nanook and his buddies


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