Tuesday, September 29, 2020

5 weeks old - busy learning social skills

Such a beautiful bunch, and so much fun.  
Just to give you an idea what its like trying to take photos of them at this age... you try to step back so you can get just each pup separately in the frame, then you look down and this is what you see; smiling faces looking back up at you with eyes begging for another scratch.

As they grow, a big part in behavioral skills is learning discipline from their (super patient) mother and learning boundaries with their siblings.  Wrestling is a great way for them to learn as to how far they can push it and sometimes what it feels like to be on the receiving end of those sharp tiny teeth.  They learn from each others growls, their moms growls - what's a warning and what's going too far.  Its a beautiful thing and with all my pups I've never had a pup that was bullied more than the others.  They all instigate at some point and they all get attacked at other times.
Here are some photos of their wrestling matches.

And here are single photos of each of the pups again.  Its a gorgeous litter!!



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