Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Adventuring at 5 weeks old!


So far we have taken photos after making sure their bellies are good and full, which ensures calm and easy photos.  Taking them outside for a bit of an adventure is a completely different scenario.  You take plenty of photos because many turn out like this:

Moms leash became a fun toy.  Although they tried, mom didn't really enjoy their attempts at walking her, so then we just let them play with the leash.  

They learn through play and lots of social interaction with each other and us.  

There are many playfights and they love chasing each other.

I thought this photo was hilarious!

Mom had just walked by and you can tell that all the pups see her as, is a full on milk smorgasbord - they salivate just because she walks by! LOL!

3 of the puppies are reserved and they are marked


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