Monday, December 23, 2013

4 weeks old!

Adorable balls of fluff!  These guys are beautiful!  They are getting around, wrestling each other, chasing each other in a clumsy puppy way!  Great entertainment for sure.

Sorry about the red eye on these photos, needed to get them posted and haven't had a chance to fix the red eye.

Coco, curiously studying new noises.

Nordic front and center, loves being wherever the excitement is!

Aurora looking pretty!

Pretty Noelle

 Ginger wondering what just moved.

Zema checking it out!

Big fluffy Chinook!

Eggnog just ready to talk and offer his opinion

 Wynter is wondering if that camera could just go and she could get her nap in!

Now a couple of random group photos...


These are the cutest pups ever....good job guys!!

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