Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sleepin' cuties!

I have promised some of you that the blog was going to be updated tonight with some more photos...so here they are in their whelping box.  They looked much too comfortable to disrupt.  Dismiss the red glow, it is from the heat lamp which was quite necessary with this last snap of cold weather.

Gender questions: In the last two posts I have written the girls' names in PINK and the boys in BLUE, but I did not explain that, so hopefully that hasn't caused too much confusion.
Coco, Nordic, Ginger, Zema, Chinook & Eggnog
Aurora, Noelle, Nakai & Wynter




Aurora - love the way "a dog pile" is so comfortable for these guys!



I know there isn't close up photos of all of them, but if they were certain ones 
at the bottom of the dog pile that is where they stayed.  They are just 
over two weeks now and there mobility is definitely advancing everyday.
Aren't they adorable?


What a pile of puppies! Absolutely Awesome! There is just something about babies of all species that tugs at heart strings. Congrats and hope they all find very good homes. Vivian

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