Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

I am so glad the camera was along on this walk - we live in a gorgeous area and the dogs were loving all the white stuff!!

This post has photos of our three adults.  Sophie (mother of this current litter), Kaiah (the mother of the last litter in June 2013) and Storm aka "Big Daddy!'

Sophie (front) and Kaiah running through the snow along the Fraser River!

Kaiah is very photogenic!  
Storm & Sophie - the parents of the current litter.

Sophie loved the romp although was very happy to be back with her brood afterwards!

That smile gets me every time! Kaiah

If dogs could talk - Storm seems to be in the middle of some advise!

Timing is everything - Sophie's tongue caught at a funny moment.

Tearing up the white stuff!

The two sisters

We live in a beautiful area! Majestic mountains, mighty Fraser River, snow, wildlife - notice the bald eagle eating the salmon - the two pretty girls in the photo help the photo too!

We are receiving lots of interest in Sophies litter of puppies, if you would like one, it would be wise to act quick.  Click the link on the top of this blog called "Puppy Questionnaire" and fill us in on why you would have the perfect home for one of our babies!


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