Posed perfectly! These two were postcard perfect for our little family photo shoot on Harrison Lake.

Our little "pack" of hooligans. Becoming their alpha came natural to me but is a very necessary part of owning a mal!

Our two girls! Two sisters - two friends and two completely different characters!

An active member of the family! Whatever you are doing, your Alaskan Malamute will want to be right there doing it with you!

And how they LOVE the snow!!

Kaiah and her babies!

Friday, May 27, 2022

8 weeks old - adventures abound!

Chase is a heavy set, charming little dude.  
He's pretty calm, and chill, he likes to hangout and be wherever we are.  
He will wrestle with his litter mates if they start.

Enderby is adventurous, smart, and up for adventures.  
She likes to wander and check out new things 
and she reminds us soo much of her dad at this age. 
If her dad is around she sticks by him like glue - its pretty cute.

Silverstar is the clown of the show.  
Super out going, always up to have fun, loves to get attention 
and enjoys rough housing with her litter mates.  


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Individual photos and availability! 3 still available

Chase, Enderby & Silverstar are still available

And Kelowna, Vernon & Golden are patiently waiting to be old enough to go home to their forever families!


7 weeks old and full of energy!

                                     Yesterday we went to the vet and had our vet health check,                    first vaccinations and microchipping done.  The vet and the vet assistants couldn't get enough of all of them.  There were many cuddles in between the pokes and prods.  

They all did amazing!

This photo kinda shows all the adorable puppy fuzz that we thrive in during these weeks!

This photo shows how different a puppy can look in two different photos.  These photos above are taken seconds apart and you can see how much Chase's look changes.

They're teething so they find lots of items to work those baby teeth on. 

And between all the good photos, we end up with a lot of these photos of them bursting with energy, having lots of fun, chasing or being chased by their litter mates.

These are all random photos of the pups, individual photos of each pup are on the following post

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Almost 6 weeks old

 Full of energy and adventure 

these girls and guys keep us on our toes!


These four pups are still available

These two pups are reserved for their forever homes


Monday, April 25, 2022

Romping around at 4 weeks old!

 These little guys are enjoying this spring weather!

These two puppies (Kelowna & Vernon) are reserved for their furever homes!