Posed perfectly! These two were postcard perfect for our little family photo shoot on Harrison Lake.

Our little "pack" of hooligans. Becoming their alpha came natural to me but is a very necessary part of owning a mal!

Our two girls! Two sisters - two friends and two completely different characters!

An active member of the family! Whatever you are doing, your Alaskan Malamute will want to be right there doing it with you!

And how they LOVE the snow!!

Kaiah and her babies!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Almost 3 weeks old already!

We cuddled them prior to photos and apparently that completely mellowed them out - lol.  
So the photos aren't active ones, rather a mix of different napping positions.  Which in truth is really what they spend most of their time doing at this age yet.  


Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Eight beautiful bundles of joy have arrived!


We are so excited 
to announce the arrival of 
8 beautiful puppies last week.  
Chloe is an amazing and doting mother and is doing great, Gus the proud father gets to watch from the sidelines at this point!

There are 5 females and 3 males. (Name color shows sex)

We have decided on a hat theme this time (we used to own a hat shop)

Berets has been reserved for the Brown family!

Fedora has been reserved for the Roothman family

Stetson has been reserved for the Niles family!

Trilby has been reserved for the Roszler family!

And just a little behind the scenes shot of what these photoshoots look like.  

Our five kids love the puppies and give them plenty of love in between the shutterstops!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Almost 7 weeks old!

Today running around was made a little more fun by all the small branches and pine cones laying around because of the recent winds.  They'd chase each other, steal from each other, and then flop down to chew their prizes.  

Although in general they are quite quiet, I thought these photos were humorous: each of these could be captioned just because of how they look like they have something to say.  

And here are the individual pup photos!

Beau - reserved for Lorraine

Archie - reserved for Cody M.

Hero - reserved for Dean & Charlotte S.

Juliette - reserved for Gudrun S.

Knight - reserved for Nigel W.

Romeo - reserved for David B.

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Adventuring at 5 weeks old!


So far we have taken photos after making sure their bellies are good and full, which ensures calm and easy photos.  Taking them outside for a bit of an adventure is a completely different scenario.  You take plenty of photos because many turn out like this:

Moms leash became a fun toy.  Although they tried, mom didn't really enjoy their attempts at walking her, so then we just let them play with the leash.  

They learn through play and lots of social interaction with each other and us.  

There are many playfights and they love chasing each other.

I thought this photo was hilarious!

Mom had just walked by and you can tell that all the pups see her as, is a full on milk smorgasbord - they salivate just because she walks by! LOL!

3 of the puppies are reserved and they are marked